High Precision Positioning Control System
Car displacement tracking technology ensures the leveling safety. Car-displacement-detection technology with high accuracy makes almost perfect leveling between the car and the landing level.


High frequency conversion variable pressure speed regulation system can automatically calculate layer and layer stand between the best speed curve stand, and the power supply voltage and frequency speed and load the need according to, stepless continuously to control adjustment, that is, in real time on the basis of calculation, meet the efficient performance requirements, the maximum energy through the purpose of environmental protection.

Save power

Low starting current, high efficiency and power use than double speed elevator energy saving 50% above, pressure regulating speed than (ACVV) can also be nearly 30% energy saving the elevator.


The control system adopts microcomputer network control, when more than any one crash conditions can automatic detection, enter the special model, shows fault code, banned starting operation, running more security.